Shopkicking for Free Facebook Credits

Posted on May 30, 2013 
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Shopkick LogoEver since I’ve changed careers over to real estate it seems like the time available for playing games has been reduced quite a bit.  I’ve been finding myself playing a few more casual mobile games on my Droid Razr, or playing Facebook games.  I’ve been searching Amazon for local deals like a $1300 baseball tour travel included.  I still do try to get in some League of Legends time as well, but those are so few and far between now that my  ELO has dropped quite a bit.  I’ve noticed that people still search for how to get Facebook credits for free for the Facebook games though.

I used to get quite a bit from 4Loot (almost 250 free Facebook credits since last year for minimal effort), until they recently changed their payouts.  Its now 1000 4Loot points for $5 worth of credits.  So I’ve focused on Shopkicks for my Facebook credit fix.

Like Ingress, to be able to get more credits you need to go out to the stores and collect them.  Its a mobile app that gives you an incentive to drop by the store, and providing you with in store discounts.  I frequently go by the mall to get a Starbucks anyways so if the Macy’s or American Eagle is nearby I just walk over collect my kicks and go out.  You can usually get a walk in credit of 20-100 Shopkicks for merely walking into the store entrance (about 1-4 credits).

If you shop in any of the participating stores (Old Navy, American Eagle, Macy’s, West Seal and many more), you can actually accrue points for attaching your credit card, and making purchases.  We usually will make a school clothes trip to Old Navy or Gap during the summer anyways.  It doesn’t affect your mileage bonus or anything so you might as well double up on your point purchases.

Then after your done shopping go turn in your kicks for Facebook credits.  You can actually save up to turn them in for various gift cards like Amazon gift cards, and so if Facebook credits are not your thing, then go load up on other things.

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